Anna vom Winseler Hof

Date of birth: 25.12.1997
Size: 68 cm
Weight: 50 kg

HD: B1

Father: Aaron vom Gickelsberg (HD-A2)

Mother: Darling vom Petersberg (HD-A2)

Anna is a temperful and dominant dog. For or better still Anna everything makes several sweets. In addition, it is to be had much for stroking units, from which it can't get enough. With other dogs, she can't begin much. If she saw a dog, this is hum and placed over it. Afterwards no more observation is given to the other dog. Completely different this is with puppies, there is very considerate it and can everything be pleased. It is very attentive and receives each movement in the proximity. Anna works very much with her nose. With play-hiding-place she found to one immediately. Mouse holes are Anna's speciality. She can look many hours for mice. Anna obeyed very well and is very fast learning. She teaches herself in addition, even things, e.g. doors open, on the lap to look etc. climb, heart-pull-ice-end. One must love this dog simply, because she leaves no other choice. If one should give a short description over Anna, it is enough to say, it is a dominant dog, a friendly, a child-dear, a sporty and very much dear-needily dog.