Baghira von Kurzeme

Date of birth: 12.04.2005 Unser Landseer Baghira von Kurzeme, aus der eigenen Hundezucht
Size: 70 cm 
Weight: 46 Kg 

HD: A2

Title: Youth winner Leipzig 06, Germany Youth Champion (VDH), Examen for dog's school, BOB Fribourg (CH) 10.02.07, BOB Fribourg (CH) 11.02.07,  Rheinlandwinner 07, BOB Rheinberg (D) 07, Ortenauwinner 07, BOB Riga (LV) 07

Father: Anatol vom Ritterbruch ( HD-B2 )

Mother: Anna vom Winseler Hof ( HD-B1 )

Baghira is faithful and is balanced. Obeyed Baghira very well and learns very quickly. Baghira also visited a school of dog's. Baghira is very friendly to other dog's. She is friensly to everybody. Their guide of dog is most of the time our Linda. Both mark there a completely insane figure. If one gives a short description above Baghira, it is asse' with saying, it friendly, a one is balanced, a child-expensive, a sportsman, a dog water-inspired.