Von Kurzeme

Our kennel is in Bad Bodenteich, in the middle of the Lüneburger Heide. We have there our own house (140 m˛), on a plot of land (900 m˛), with very much forest and meadows in the environment. Also the Elbe side channel is in direct proximity.
The name “Kurzeme” comes from Latvia. Kurzeme is the western area Latvia, from which my wife and my daughter comes.

Landseer von Kurzeme

From where the interest for the Landseer comes

Since 1990 I am interested in the race of the Landseer. I pushed by coincidence on an article in a magazine over this race. I was very inspired by the nature and the appearance of this race. I read all possible books, went to exhibitions and visited breeders. I acquired 1996 then mean first Landseer (Carlos v. Hohenzollernland). I was very enthusiastically of it and that am 1998 came also still in such a way then the second Landseer (Anna v. Winseler Hof). Since that was not enough yet, 1999 still the third Landseer came (Dipsy v. Lausenbach). Now are we even so far that we want to breed.

Linda+Baghira, Thomas+Carlos, Gita+Anna

Conception of the family

I am Thomas Grams, born 17.05.69 in Uelzen. By occupation I am a police officer with the Federal Border Police. Married 1998.

My wife is Gita Grams, born 30.09.75 in Saldus (Latvia). She learned gardener in Latvia and locked for re-education as Flower-power with success. For the dogs I couldn't find a better woman, since she´s very much animal dear. Carlo was naturally very lucky and Gita in the heart naturally immediately closed. Anna, who was straight two weeks with me, fall in love for the first day on with my wife. Only with Gita she played very much and very omitted. For Anna my wife is the BIG BOSS.

Linda with her dog "Baghira"

We have a daughter, Linda Grams, born 27.05.94 in Saldus (Latvia). She comes with the dogs in the best way clearly, Only Carlo must sometimes suffer, if her friends are there. The poor dog must the whole time seat and place exercises since to I pity and go with him to walk.